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Chains in nylon
A wide range of chains divided into six series to meet all the needs of dynamic protection of cables and pipes. 
Serie Light, Medium and Heavy for linear standard, Protection where required total closure, Sliding for applications with strokes up am 400, Robot for rotary applications.
Steel chains
For all applications where you can not use chains in nylon, Patents Stendalto proposes the steel chains of Steel series. 
Available with extruded aluminum cross bars or machined design, these chains are suitable to be used for special applications such as platforms offshore, steel etc.
Flexible cables
Patents Stendalto, adapting to the continuous development of high-tech manufacturing processes, offers a range of flexible cables and extra flexible, built according to the latest technologies. 
The range consists of different types of cables, allows us to meet the growing demand from from all fields of the technique of production and use.
Sheaths polyamide
Patents Stendalto completes its range of products specifically for dynamic security cable proposing the flexible conduit Reiku polyamide. 
Reiku sheaths due to their high strength and flexibility, in addition to a wide range of accessories, are an affordable solution and easy installation for cable protection from chemical, thermal and mechanical.
Total chain
A system of providing "turnkey" where the energy chain, complete with cables and connectors, comes assembled and ready to be installed.
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