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Automation Partners in a new solution to low profile tasks and applications: the Low Profile Uni-Guide (UGA). A economical expansion of the popular Uni-Guide family, the UGA allocates the performance advantages of the larger designs—self-lubricating, maintenance-free, easy assembly—into a compact, 24 mm profile for smooth, reliable and long-lasting linear motion in print/scan, food processing and machine tool applications.

The Uni-Guide family utilizes the proven plane bearing technology of Simplicity®, which allows the carriage to glide smoothly along the slide. The proprietary Frelon liner ensures safe travel over dirt, dust, grime and other particulates without damaging the rail or carriage. Maintenance-free and self-lubricating, the Uni-Guide products require no additional grease or oil and thrive in applications where contamination must be prevented: food processing, lab automation and medical equipment.

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